P.D.O. Ribera del Xúquer

“Ribera del Xúquer” is the name by which kakis of our local variety “Rojo Brillante” are identified, protected and certified by our Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.). This name was chosen because the main production area for this magnificent fruit lies close to the banks of the Xúquer River (Júcar River). This river has an important influence on kaki cultivation, both from the agricultural point of view, providing water for irrigation, and due to the high fertility of these river basin lands.
The “KAKI RIBERA DEL XÚQUER” PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN is a quality mark created in 1998, recognised as a Protected Designation of Origin by the European Commission in 2001.

Designations of Origin are organisations created and supervised by national and European administrations, recognising the singularities and differentiated quality of certain agri-food products in view of the particularities of the area in which they are produced.

This P.D.O. is one of the most fertile areas in Spain, with a long agricultural tradition, where kakis are grown in a privileged environment known as the “Garden of Spain”.

This makes our “Kaki from the Banks of the Xúquer” the only kaki in the world with a recognised and protected designation of origin.