Protected Designation of Origin

The quality policy of the Designation of Origin is clear: to offer the best possible kaki in compliance with the requirements established in its Specifications, which are all additional to and over and above current food legislation.

In line with this aim, since the inception of our Designation of Origin we have made a variety of agreements with different administrations and research centres, such as the IVIA, AINIA, IATA or the regional government of Valencia for the study and improvement of kaki growing in all phases of cultivation.

All these efforts have allowed us to put in place a comprehensive quality system that helps us to control the entire kaki growing process, from planting all the way through to harvesting and reaching the consumer, with one overriding objective: to offer the best kakis, with total safety and with full respect to the privileged lands in which this fruit is produced.

A product certified by a Designation of Origin is synonymous with quality and guarantee.