Who’s behind the P.D.O.?

This Protected Designation of Origin is comprised of over 6,000 growers, grouped into Cooperatives and Trading Companies (Operators), which produce approximately half the production of this local variety grown in Spain. Operators associated with the Designation of Origin are the world’s largest exporters of kakis.

The Board of the P.D.O. is managed by ten representatives elected amongst growers and marketers in public electoral processes, and is supervised by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture of the Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Government), renewed every four years in accordance with the Regulations of the Regulatory Council.

Our producers, one big family

The social characteristics of the growing area for the “Ribera del Xúquer” kaki have given rise to over 6,000 producers working small plantations transmitted from generation to generation within the same family. These lands usually pass from parents to children, meaning they have lots of sentimental value and know-how in kaki growing, ensuring their characteristic flavour that make them unique around the world.

In addition, the fact that the “Bright Red” variety is native to this area and is mostly grown only here has now become a symbol of pride and identity for our kaki growers, so much so that outside this area we are known as “the producers of the PERSIMON® KAKI from the Ribera del Xúquer”. And this constantly motivates us to continue improving our products every day so that people like you can enjoy the best possible kaki.