Foie terrine with Persimon® kaki purée


  • 1.5 kg fresh duck liver
  • 300 g Persimon® kakis
  • 4 Isinglass leaves (gelatin).
  • 1 shot Brandy
  • Salt and white pepper.


Macerate the chopped Persimon® kakis with brandy.

Moisten the Isinglass in cold water, and dissolve it by heating with a little brandy.

Blend the “Persimon®” kakis in with the gelatin to get a stiff purée.

Pepper the duck liver slices and sauté them in a pan at a low temperature. Add sugar to the foie to soften its bitter taste.


Mount a series of layers of foie and Persimon® kaki purée to complete the terrine. Leave to cool down, and with the leftover fat from the pan, paint it after demoulding and when cold.

You can decorate it with glazed “Persimon®” kaki or caramelised “Persimon®” kaki, and sprinkle on a julienne of “Persimon®” kakis. Garnish with a few drops of Modena vinegar reduced with sugar.