Partridge salad with Persimon® kakis

600 g “Persimon®” kaki
2 tbsp sugar
2 partridges
Assorted lettuce leaves
Modena vinegar
Olive oil
Peel the “Persimon®” kakis, removing the peduncles as well.
Set one aside and chop up the rest, boiling them with a few drops of water and sugar until you get a compote. Set aside.
Clean and debone the partridges, separating breasts from the legs. Salt and pepper them and sauté in a pan with a little oil till golden and juicy.
VINAIGRETTE: Mix 50 ml of vinegar with 150 ml of oil and salt to taste. Add half the reserved diced kakis and mix.
Serve the “Persimon®” kaki compote on a plate with the help of a round mould. Place the filleted partridge breast on top, and to one side the mixed lettuce together with the “Persimon®” kaki cut into thin slices or diced. Place the partridge drumsticks on top.
Garnish with the vinaigrette, on top and around the plate, and decorate with chopped chives.