Persimon® kaki & cod Remojón salad

2 Persimon® kakis
200 g desalted cod
Black olives
1 onion
Spanish orange segments
1 peeled green pepper
Dried and grated black olives
Sherry Vinegar reduction
Fleur de sel
Cut kaki segments onto a plate. Add the desalted cod cut into large cubes, then the black olives, some slices of orange and onion and the pepper.
Season with Fleur de sel (not too much), dried black olives grated on a micro-grater, a drizzle of Arbequina variety olive oil and a few drops of Sherry vinegar reduction.
The sweet and subtle flavour of Persimon® kakis will stand out even more if the fruit is cut into thicker pieces. But for this, you should choose a riper fruit (although it should still be hard, not mushy).


“Remojón” is a soaking mixture that is traditional for Spanish salads made from oranges and cod.