Baby sandwiches with kaki, Bottarga and black radish

2 Persimon® kakis
1 black radish
200 g bottarga (roe of grey mullet)
Olive oil flavoured with lemon verbena
For the olive oil flavoured with lemon verbena:
1 L Spanish olive oil, Cornicabra variety
1 crushed lemon verbena leaf
1 tbsp lemon juice and coriander
The peel of 2 green lemons
1 tsp dried green pepper
2 bay leaves
3 slices of fresh ginger
Pour the olive oil onto a plastic tray and add all ingredients. Microwave in defrosting mode for one hour. Keep this flavoured oil in a cool place, as it will be good for this dish and any others you might like to make.
Cut fat chunks of black radish, Persimon® kaki slices and small slices of bottarga.
Montar la tapa con una rodaja de rábano, una lámina de kaki Persimon®, otra rodaja de rábano y encima la rodaja de botarga, fijándolo todo con un palillo. Echar un chorrito de aceite de oliva aromatizado.


Bottarga, called “Mediterranean caviar”, is a slab of roe made from the eggs of the grey mullet, salted and dried. Its intense sea smell combines very well with the sweet taste of Persimon® kakis.
Spanish olive oil of the Cornicabra variety is a golden yellow oil with green, fruity and scented notes, and bitter and spicy touches. It’s a little astringent but sweet on the palate, with a slight almond flavour.