Persimon® kaki tapa with Oyster leaves

1 Persimon® kaki
6 oyster leaves (Mertensia maritima)
Salt and pepper
Olive oil, Arbequina variety (sweet)
Spring onion
Reducción de vinagre de Jerez
Peel the kaki and cut into fairly thick slices, and place an oyster leaf on each slice.
Season with the spring onion, salt and pepper, and sprinkle olive oil of the Arbequina variety on top, with a few drops of the Sherry vinegar reduction.


The taste of the Oyster leaf, a salad leaf, is just like the taste of real oysters from the sea, and matches well with our Persimon® kakis. You can try this recipe using sea oysters and Persimon® kakis as well.
The olive oil of the Arbequina variety is of Spanish origin. It is characterised by its sugary flavour, with traces of almond and green apple and an aroma of freshly cut grass.