How to store

Ready to eat

Remember, our “Persimon®”- brand kakis are ready to eat off the shelf. You don’t have to wait until they ripen, but you can leave them in your fruit bowl for quite some time if you want a riper persimmon, but try not to wait until they are completely soft. “Persimon®”-brand kakis will not always go completely soft like other persimmons. Moreover, if you leave them for too long after your purchase, they may lose their quality.

“Classic” Kaki

If you prefer a traditional or Classicpersimmon, you should buy the variety that has not had its astringency removed. This is how you can enjoy the traditional version of the “Bright Red” kaki. If you buy “Classic” kakis and want to help them ripen, place them next to apples or bananas to speed up the ripening process.

Don’t keep kakis in the fridge.

It is not convenient to store kakis in a refrigerator. You can freeze kakis after peeling and wedging if you want to use them in a recipe later, or you want to prepare a dish where freezing is required, such as a sorbet or a dessert. Bear in mind that defrosting a kaki, if it’s not going to be cooked, will affect its flavour. So eating a raw kaki after freezing and defrosting results in a loss of flavour.


For cooking tips, check out our Recipes section. This section gives you lots and lots of ideas on how to use kakis properly, and all the main dishes you can make following our magnificent recipes, all simple and tasty!