Why Persimon® Kaki?

In the late 90s, we began eliminating astringency from our popular variety called “Rojo Brillante” or “Bright Red”. This caused a degree of confusion amongst consumers, who were used to the more traditional way of eating persimmons: overripe, with their intense red colour and almost jelly-like, soft flesh inside.

To make it easier to recognise this new way of eating persimmons, we introduced the registered trademark “Persimon®”. The aim was to tell the consumer via this brand that our kakis were now ready to eat. We grow orange kakis with firm, crisp flesh.

Even today, many consumers think our Persimon®-brand kakis at the point of sale are still unripe. But in reality, 99% of the kakis you can find at stores are firm and crispy but totally ready to eat.

When you buy a Persimon®-brand kaki with our Protected Designation of Origin “Kaki Ribera del Xúquer”, you’ll be about to try a quality persimmon of unmatched taste that is fully ready to eat and enjoy.